From small seeds of ideas can come life-changing results. Nkuku is one such idea that has now grown into an international business that not only produces distinctive homewares from a range of different materials, it helps the manufacturers to grow their businesses and support their local communities.


Many of these manufacturers are small, focussed producers using skills that have supported their families for generations, and it really shows in the hand-made aesthetic of the Nkuku range. What this brings to your home is instant warmth and a sense of relaxed, individual style. The pieces all fit together—there’s a subtle consistency that makes it simple to decorate with Nkuku.


Every single Nkuku product is manufactured with adherence to Fair Trade standards, ensuring that the suppliers are paid a fair wage for their work, that working conditions are safe and a good standard and that no children are exploited. Nkuku uses sustainable methods of manufacture, using recycled materials wherever possible, adding further to the hand made feel of its products.

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